Why YA?

Just a few of my loves. My husband understands this will be a lifelong affair.

It’s a question I’ve been asked numerous times, and have no qualms about elaborating. Just ask any of my friends. 🙂

The reason is straightforward enough: The genre chose me. Much as I adore adult fiction, nothing tugs at my emotional strings the way YA does. I get all swept up in the rawness, the heart-hammering excitement, and the beauty and tragedy of life’s exquisite firsts. I’m transported to a time that was simpler…and infinitely more complex. Because, let’s face it, figuring out who you are, is one of the toughest things you will ever do. And do again and again. That gets to be a lot of do-do.

Now there are a small number of authors who choose YA because it’s HOT; it’s NOW. Personally, I can’t fathom writing with trend as my muse. I can only write the story screaming loudest in my head to be told. **Disclaimer** Yes, we writers often have voices in our heads. No, we are not crazy…we prefer to think of ourselves as quirky and endearing. But even if YA were colder than a mortuary table, I’d still write it. I’d still read it, for all the aforementioned reasons, and all the ones I’m too inept to explain. I am head-over-heels, achingly in love with young adult fiction. Period.

So, I’d love to hear from you. Why does your genre of choice set your soul on fire?

Happy impassioned writing,


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