Where in the World is Woods?

I have been asking myself that very same question. Contrary to popular belief that I dropped off the face of the bloggerly planet, I’ve actually been here, there, and waaay over there!

July saw me jetting out to Anaheim, CA for RWA Nationals. I was inspired, acquainted, and reunited with the planet’s best writers and industry-type folks! In fact, I had more fun than should be legal! 🙂 Er, strike that last incriminating bit.

September was the month I could claim myself ABSOLUTELY American after visiting DC for the very first time. See? I even did touristy stuff. Ok, ok, I also attended the DC National Book Fair.

Proving Washington Monument is erect morning AND night.









The month of October brought my BFF’s swoon worthy wedding in Chicago! But even the fair city’s beauty was outshone by the gorgeous bride.

Our yoga teacher used to tell us our auras had merged. Hmm… Well, neither of us knew what to make of an aura timeshare. Suffice to say, we get along like peas and carrots. Clearly, I am the carrot.





With barely the time to blow the confetti outta my hair, I then hopped a plane for the ISPA conference in Orlando. Once sufficiently bloated with information, I retreated here…










Alas, no retreat is complete without a little of this…








Whew! I am now nestled back in Michigan’s cozy mitten, where I’m pounding the keyboard with my latest WIP. Here’s hoping this post finds you well in whatever pocket of the world you occupy 😉




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