You know that day you think is never gonna come? Well, it did. I HAVE AN AGENT! I’m outta-this-stratosphere excited to announce that the uber fabulous Catherine Drayton of InkWell Management is now my agent!!!

SigningMe looking all official & eyeing the agency agreement like a donut 🙂

THE WHIRLWIND BEGAN…the very first week of May when I started to query my latest YA Contemporary Romance, SUMMER OF SUPERNOVA. I was optimistic I had a decent shot at some initial requests judging by how well SOS had been doing in the handful of contests I’d entered it in. But I did NOT expect what happened next.

THE PERFECT STORM…By the end of week one, I had received my first offer of representation. *cue bulging eyes* *hyperventilation* In fact, I was so leveled that I forgot to ask any of my carefully thought out questions. Several days later, I got a second,  then, *gulp* a third offer! The entire week was a siege of phone calls, follow-up calls, emails, pow wows with writer friends…you get the idea. Pandemonium. Just imagine me with some sort of technological device glued to my head or fingers for a solid week.

ZOMBIEHOOD…I stopped eating. Okay, I ate LESS THAN USUAL, which is seriously abnormal for me. And I barely slept because now I had to make a monumental decision. The three offers I received, yeah, they just happened to be from my top five dream agent list. AAAHHHHHH!!!!! It was like the ultimate organ grudge match between my head, heart, and gut. But in the end I have ZERO doubts about my decision. 🙂 Because I’m utterly thrilled to be working alongside Catherine! It really is a dream come true.

THE CELEBRATION…I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to my dear husband, who has cheered, passed tissues, picked up the culinary slack, and been tireless in his belief that one day, ONE day…I would make it. And another mountain of thanks to all my friends and family who’ve stuck by me through thick and thin, offering advice, hugs, laughs, and the occasional ear-piercing squeal. 😉

So, I decided to treat myself because A: It was almost my birthday–divine timing! And B: It is not everyday you get an agent.handbag

Here is my amazing new handbag (large enough to hold life & laptop) to commemorate my amazing new agent, and turning another year young.

x Darcy

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