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Everybody loves a great reveal. The word “reveal” can’t help but inspire intrigue and an innate sense of anticipation. It has us sitting up a little taller, leaning in a little closer, bracing ourselves for the inevitable–TA DA! *cymbal crash* moment. Today’s … Continue reading

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Happy Memorial Day, darlings! Must be kismet (as a US Army veteran) that I was chosen to blog on such a special day! So please, take a moment between flipping burgers to honor the memory of all who courageously sacrificed to preserve our freedom … Continue reading

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Going out on submission. Page 1 of a new story. Losing the Marauder’s Map to your muse. Any of those things inspire fear in your writerly soul or trigger the insta-welt of hives? They do for me. And it’s funny, … Continue reading

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New Orleans is crawfish claws down, one of my FAVORITE cities! It’s one of those places I classify as a World City. Meaning if an alien mothership landed and asked (in a robotic voice, of course) “Where should we go … Continue reading

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I once read a factoid that stuck with me. This isn’t unusual. Factoids have a knack for sticking to my brain like annoying wads of gum to a shoe. But I recall it was something to the tune of trees … Continue reading

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