News of SUPERNOVA proportions!

photo-24<——— This pretty much sums up the gargantuan dish…SUMMER OF SUPERNOVA is winner of the prestigious RWA 2013 Golden Heart® Award!!!!! I seem to be stuck in a permanent state of disbelief, but the writing’s literally on the screen here. Words really feel inept when I try to convey my gratitude. In fact, I think the first phrase to tumble from my potty mouth during my acceptance speech was, “Oh, shit.” Yeah, I know. Profane poetry. But in that moment, I was so overcome with the magnitude of it all, coherency/social grace was not at the forefront of my mind. You got ME. Unfiltered.

Infinite thanks to my CP’s, the RWA and all its judges, MMRWA, YARWA, the Lucky 13s, Savvy Sevens, Starcatchers, & last but NOT least, my friends & family, for all the ways–directly and indirectly–they’ve helped me on this arduous path. For some it takes a village. For me? A metropolis 🙂

Happy reading. Happy writing. Happy dreaming…and then dream bigger. Because there’s nothing that can compare to waking up and realizing you are living your SUPERSIZED dream!

And here is my enormous Jumbo Tron head thanking you again.

And here is my enormous Jumbo Tron head thanking you again.

x Darcy


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