I am so thrilled to announce that SUMMER OF SUPERNOVAS is going international, and will be translated into three other languages!!! *throws planetary parade* Eeeee! Can we tell I’m excited? And that my heart is pumping fast enough to break the sound barrier? (I am. It is.) So, my lovelies, here are the deets! 🙂

Foreign rights have been sold to the following countries:Image 3

  • Italy! (Mondadori)
  • Brazil! (Intrinseca)
  • Germany! (in a preempt to Fischer)

Oh my…OH! Sending heartfelt gratitude to these amazing publishers who’ve embraced Wil’s story and given her a home in other pockets of the globe. Also, metric tons of thanks to my super agent, Catherine Drayton, along with my brilliant foreign rights wrangler, Lyndsey Blessing at InkWell.

My book and I unanimously agree—you are made of stars! 😉


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