Lights! Camera! Turkey!

So there’s been some exciting news I’ve been sitting on… Haha! Why yes, it feels an awful lot like sitting on the quills of a porcupine. But now I can finally dish on the two things I’ve been dying to share!

film.jpeg copy 2Thing 1: I HAVE A FILM AGENT!!! Jody Hotchkiss, of Hotchkiss and Associates will be handling film rights for SUMMER OF SUPERNOVAS! Essentially I am fireworks in a thin veil of human flesh. 🙂 I’m just so grateful to have such a passionate advocate for SUPERNOVAS. Fingers crossed there will be more explosive news on the horizon!


Thing 2: Turkish Rights have been sold to Pegasus! Which means to date, SOS will be translated Image 3into five languages… Me oh my! This feels as surreal as it sounds. As always, these amazing foreign sales would not be possible without the efforts of my incredible team of agents: Catherine Drayton and Lyndsey Blessing. I bow before you both.



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