Summer of Supernovas is a Double RITA® Nominee!

Last Tuesday, an amazing thing happened. My cell rang. (No really. It gets more amazing.) When I answered the out-of-area number, it was the RWA® informing me that I was a RITA finalist. A RITA finalist! Despite my husband’s best efforts to video document my screams, weeps, & weird ass dance moves during The Call, he forgot to hit that little red button that actually records. But! I did manage to capture the state of my insides, as seen here:


For those unfamiliar with the RITA award, it’s considered the Oscar of the romance writing industry. It is the most prestigious nomination you can receive as a published author of this genre, and with 2000 entries, competition is FIERCE. So I’m still a bit beside myself to share that SUMMER OF SUPERNOVAS has received two RITA nominations–Best First Book & Best Young Adult Romance! There really isn’t a gif or emoji in existence that can properly convey the depths of my feels over this news.

Put it this way, ever had a dream so big you almost didn’t dare dream it? Well, becoming a RITA nominee was mine. And this was especially meaningful since SUMMER OF SUPERNOVAS had the honor of winning the RWA’s Golden Heart® Award for unpublished manuscripts back in 2013. Now here we are in 2017, with that same story finally published. And up for two RITAs! Who’s life am I living?! My heart is so very full.    RITA Medallion

The winners will be announced during the RWA conference at a black tie awards ceremony in Orlando on Thursday, July 27th. Stay tuned! ♥

My forever gratitude goes out to the many talented people who touched this story and helped it truly shine. And, of course, to the judges who read my book and felt it worthy. I’m truly humbled!




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