Refresh & Reboot!

Happy Friday, ladies & gents!

And welcome to my newly “refreshed” website!

Sometimes a girl just needs a little change. So when I came up with a cool idea for a new website logo, font, & color scheme, well, I knew EXACTLY who to call to turn my imaginings into reality–Hafsah Faizal of Icey Designs! I’ve had the great fortune of working with Hafsah several times over the years and just adore collaborating with her.Once again, she’s knocked it out of the park!

From the vintage typewriter, to the tiny hummingbirds, this site is 100% me. I just love it and hope you do, too!logo

Also, did you see the cutesy little “Subscribe” envelop at the top of the page? That’s right, folks, hell has officially frozen over. Which means I now have a NEWSLETTER! Or more accurately, I will eventually have a newsletter! So if you’d like to be in the circle of know for giveaways, book announcements, and future appearances, please sign up today! And I pinkie swear not to spam you. In fact, I’ll be amazed if I send out more than three a year . . . BUT THINK OF ALL THE KITTY PICS YOU COULD MISS IF YOU DON’T SIGN UP!!!




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