Hello! Hello!

I haven’t fallen off the planet. (I swear!) Thought this needed a little clarification because recently people have asked where I’ve gone. O.o

The short answer: I’M STILL HERE!

The longer answer: I’ve been working on a secret project–so basically writing, researching, and editing my fanny off! Which has meant I’ve had to take a gigantic step back from social media and other events this year. It was either that, or lose the one precious marble I have left. And you best believe, I’m guarding my singular marble like The One Ring.

Sadly I can’t tell you much about this gestating, high-concept YA contemporary. But I’d liken the process of writing it to mining my soul with a diamond-encrusted pickaxe. That said, it’s so worth it because I am IN LOVE with this twisty, emotional, and deeply personal tale! So (loophole!) since I’m not “telling” you, I’m going to “show” you a little novel aesthetic I’ve made to keep my muse inspired. 😉

Do you find these novel aesthetics as fun as I do??? I’m such a sucker visuals…


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