SMOKE has blown onto NetGalley!

As an author, there’s nothing more gratifying than finally getting to share your story with early readers/reviewers. But as a human, there’s nothing more vomit-inducing. Nobody said humaning (or writing, for that matter) was easy! If you’re interested in my second YA novel, SMOKE, please do check it out!

Endless thanks to the book bloggers who’ve already signed up—you should have access shortly. If you’re an Instagram blogger, here is the link to a REQUEST FORM. Simply fill it out and I’ll happily forward your info to my publisher. While I can’t guarantee approval, your name will definitely be flagged.

Lastly, an Author’s Note has been added to give readers a deeper understanding of my personal intersections with the major themes of this book.

In other news, I now feel naked. 🤗


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